We want to create a fun, respectful environment where everyone can get a good workout. We ask everyone to adhere to the following rules:

  • This is a respectful, safe, and welcoming environment - we won't tolerate any offensive language, racism, sexism, fighting, unsafe behaviour, or other unsporting behaviour
  • The organizers are in charge of the warm up, workout, and game - please listen to their instructions and directions
  • Team captains will be assigned for each game - they are in charge of the lineup and strategy for the game - please listen to their instructions
  • We aim for equal playing time - please sub frequently and equally
  • No sliding or slide tackles (goalie can slide forward with arms)
  • No challenging the goalie in 50/50 chances
  • No dangerous, risky, or overly aggressive tackles against any player on the field
  • Throw-ins from the side to restart play when the ball goes out
  • Headers are optional - nobody is going to hold it against you if you don't want to head the ball
  • Honour system for fouls, out-of-play, and other calls; in all other circumstances, listen to the organizers
  • No blatant offsides - honour system here, but let's avoid cherry picking
  • No finger pointing, blaming teammates, yelling at others, or micromanaging
  • Have fun and support each other!

Note that people not adhering to the rules may be asked to leave for the session or for the rest of the season without refund.

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