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Below you'll find a list of open positions at our studio. We can't wait to see your work!

Oh, before you submit...

  • A typical internship duration starts at 4 months. Shorter durations do not allow us to set reasonable targets and assist you in your growth.
  • Include a résumé, contact information, motivation letter and reference.
  • Please provide a link to your portfolio, which will be reviewed on tablets and desktops.
  • Technical applications: provide (a link to) the best source-code for review that has been created by you and is owned by you.
  • Art applications: provide (a link to) the best artwork you created, and included sketch art as well.
  • Other applications: include (a link to) your best work.
  • Email attachments do not exceed 3 MB (please host your files otherwise).
  • Send applications to only.

About Sticky

Sticky began creating interactive experiences in 2005 and we've been expanding quietly ever since. All our team members are highly specialized in his or her own way. What we all share is our extensive knowledge of 'play', game design and our goal in delivering perfectly balanced experiences.

Numerous clients including governments, media networks and ad agencies have relied on our services. We see ourselves as a small, fast-moving and flexible team with big ideas.